Aerial Photography

We travel across the Eastern US with drone equipment to take pictures of building projects. These photos and videos are used for web content, and for brochures, and lookbooks. 

Interior Photography

We work with interior designers and cabinetry businesses in the eastern US, helping them to build a portfolio of images depicting their high quality work. We use pro level equipment - high end DSLR cameras with ultra wide angle lenses, which allow us to capture your entire layout.

Product Photography

Your Quality workmanship needs to show. We travel to your location and photograph your products. After we photography them, we can design an attractive lookbook or catalog for you, showcasing what you have to offer. Our photography rates are reasonable, and we deliver lots of value for the time we spend.

Business Video Documentaries

We can do full scale video documentaries to better tell your business story. 

Wildlife Photography

When not doing designs, Ben loves to capture wildlife photos. From the swamps of Louisiana or the wilds of Yellowstone to the rainforests of Costa Rica, there are special things everywhere.
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