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As a little lad, I remember being creative in every way that I could think of. I started drawing pictures as soon as I could hold a pencil, and I would draw everything around me. Looking back, I know that was the beginning of developing my skills as a creative. As I got older, I started doing some photography, and fooling around with graphic design.

I formed the company and started doing part time business advertising while still in my teens. Today, we are a full service design and photography office, and we get to do what we love - create things. There are two different types of satisfaction we get from our work. The one is the feeling of accomplishment to see a completed project that looks the way it needs to look. Sharp, clean, and attractive. The other is to see a client who is happy with what we have done, after lots of communication and working together. 

We are Christians, and we believe that we are endowed by God with an ability to appreciate the beauty and symmetry and harmony - the elements that compose good design and photography. We aspire to capture the grandeur of the design in the universe in some small way in our designs. 

We look forward to working with you!

-Ben Zimmerman

Ben Zimmerman

Ben lives in South Central Kentucky with his wife and their two children, in the rugged terrain where the rolling crop lands of Western Kentucky meet the mountains of Eastern Kentucky. 

Ben enjoys all types of creative work, and when he's not on a work assignment, He enjoys getting out in the great outdoors to photograph wildlife, from the Rain forests of Costa Rica, to the snow capped peaks of the mountains in Yellowstone, to the swamps of Louisiana, there are special things to capture every where. 

John Moffeit II

John joined Zimmerman Design in 2023. He brings with him previous experience in design, layout, and illustrating work. John and his wife live in South Central Kentucky, with their 6 children.

John excels in illustrations besides design and layout work, and he has his own website where he sells wood burned art. He loves the outdoors, and enjoys spending time with his children exploring the endless beauty in the area. His enthusiasm is contagious, and he has great people skills!

Shawn Martin

Shawn joined Zimmerman Design at the beginning of 2024. He brings previous experience in Photography, video editing, and design work. He lives in Central Tennessee.

Shawn has spent time abroad serving in mission work, and was in Gaziantep, Turkey, when the earthquake that killed nearly sixty thousand people hit. Shawn enjoys many kinds of photography, and his warm compassion for people makes him a pleasure to work with!


We work with an independent contractor with lots of experience and incredible skill in software development. Our affiliation gives us the ability to create websites with special software, and highly customized applications.

Do you have your own custom software project? We are ready to create the perfect solution for you!


Ben is also part owner of a Weatherprint, a company formed specifically to bring highly detailed and accurate weather information to those without access to the internet, or weather apps. Reports are sent out be email, fax, and text message, with live hourly reports and severe weather alerts. 
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